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Private drive way, street rehabilitation and slurry seal project finished with crews exper


About Your Driveway

Your driveway is basically sand, stone, and a binder or glue that holds everything together.  It’s also one of the areas that’s most overlooked for maintenance.  The sun will cause your asphalt to dry out and become brittle, causing cracks to form.  These cracks allow water to penetrate down to the base and cause that to erode, where you won’t see the damage until it’s too late.   With our winter freezing weather this will cause the cracks to widen and allow more water to penetrate, causing the process to quicken. Once this happens those dreaded potholes form, and we all don’t want that in our driveways. The cost of replacing a driveway is far greater than performing maintenance every 2-3 years. Completing our sealcoating process will extend the life of your driveway and enhance your curb appeal. Once cured your driveway will look refreshed with a nice deep black color once again protecting it from the harmful elements.

Man sealing asphalt driveway_Sealcoating selective focus.jpg

The Sealcoating Process

The process to maintain your driveway is straight forward.   When we come in to complete the project, we start by clearing out any cracks that had already formed as well as edging to expose the sides of the asphalt.  The whole surface will be blown off and any stubborn areas will be brushed off. All the cracks will be sealed using a hot melted rubber.   This will seal the cracks from water penetrating through to the base as noted earlier. If the cracks are larger than 1 inch wide, a patch would be more suitable to complete the repair.  Note that the rubber seals the crack and does not always fill it, so they may still be visible once the job is completed.  Not to worry though, they will be sealed.  


Once all the repairs are completed, a sealcoat is applied by either brush or spray to coat the driveway or parking lot.  Please allow 48 hours for the sealer to cure prior to any vehicle traffic and a banner will be placed at the end of your driveway as a reminder.

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